Super Mom breakfast made in 4 minutes

     We all know mom life can be super busy!
The morning rush is always the most challenging especially when it comes to breakfast!
We are here to show u how to make this epic super mom breakfast in 4 minutes flat. Yes you heard that right !
Those waffles you see are $2.49 from target! They are Eggoji waffles. Yes, they are Kosher too!  All you need to do is toast them for about 4 minutes !
While they are toasting grab you knife and some fruit of your choice . My kids love berries and bananas! I chop up some blueberries, strawberries and bananas and voila!
I then plate them along with my toasted waffles .
Then for the best part-spray some whipped cream on top and youv'e got a happy breakfast and happy kids !
You can now call yourself super mom you earned the title all in 4 minutes 
You can find these waffles in many local supermarkets-I happened to pick up this box at target and have attached the link for you:
By Sarah C. Mom of 2 
Pouf Customer Service

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