Raising Healthy Eaters by Laura Shammah MS,RDN

       Shopping or preparing for kids school snacks can be difficult for anyone even a dietitian. People expect my children to come to school with only fruits and vegetables but I believe that can be emotionally damaging. I try to send both fruit ,veg and junk. I am careful with Which junk I am buying. With Each year , each child and each school brings different challenges that I try to do my best to overcome. I try not to pressure the kids because Food shouldn’t be a source of worry for any  child or family. I aim to be creative, consistent, and calm. 

My goal for this year is to continue to try to  have all snacks and lunches prepared from the night before. 

Another goal is to have each child ready on time to actually eat the prepared healthy breakfast . Let’s pray we don’t miss the bus .

 I allow my kids to make their own decisions of what foods go into their bodys. I educate them but do not pressure them. I believe The bigger you make the issue of eating healthy foods, the more resistance they may feel. So try to Play it cool. I would like to share some advice on how to raise healthier eaters.


      Let kids stop eating when they feel they've had enough. Lots of parents grew up under the clean-plate rule, but that approach doesn't help kids listen to their own bodies when they feel full. When kids notice and respond to feelings of fullness, they're less likely to overeat.

Start them young. Food preferences are developed early in life, so offer variety. Likes and dislikes begin forming even when kids are babies. You may need to serve a new food a few different times for a child to accept it. Don't force a child to eat, but offer a few bites. With older kids, ask them to try one bite.

 Start with breakfast

       Eating a balanced breakfast with protein is a great way for your child to start their day. Protein can help them stay fuller longer. It even can help teenagers lose weight.

Mornings can be hectic. Try one of these for a healthy, on-the-go breakfast:

  • Egg sandwich on whole-wheat bread.
  • Greek yogurt 
  • Peanut butter on whole-grain toast.
  • Hard boiled eggs, toast, and an apple.

Kids who can’t eat : hot cocoa or chocolate milk : 8oz of milk with a drop of choc powder provides 8 grams of protein with a fruit 

Apple and almond butter 


Almond crackers and cheese 


Provide fruits and vegetables as snacks. Keep fruit washed, cut up and in plain sight in the refrigerator. Always try to first serve salad, cut up vegetables and a cooked vegetable at dinner. Think color. Variety . Introduce new vegetables and fruit with familiar foods

Try to Add a fruit or vegetable as part of every meal or snack. For example, you could put fruit on oatmeal add a piece of fruit or small salad to your child’s lunch, use vegetables and dip for an after-school snack, or add a vegetable or two you want to try to the family’s dinner.

Are you Putting Too Much Pressure on Your Kids To Eat Right?? Relax!

     Food shouldn’t be a source of worry for your family. Try to get your kids to eat healthier, but be creative, consistent, and calm. The bigger you make the issue of eating healthy foods, the more resistance you may feel. Play it cool. ♦️♦️It can take  10 to 15 times before a child will decide to try it or like something new. If it didn’t work the first time, try a different approach, a new way to prepare and disguise the food, and, again, remember the importance of doing this in slow, small steps.

Have patience & Try to remember that the Psychological damage may be worse than the physiological


  ♦️ Do you tell your kids "Good job" after they eat nicely??


This may be sending the wrong message: what your child may be hearing : “Mommy and daddy are proud of me when I eat more food or finish my plate.”

A better thing to say: “You always do a good job eating when you listen to your tummy.”

Praising children for eating more food teaches them quantity is more important than to follow one’s appetite.


Bite your tongue. As hard as this may be, try not to comment on what or how much your kids are eating. Be as neutral as possible. Remember, you've done your job as a parent by serving balanced meals; your kids are responsible for eating them. If you play food enforcer—saying things like "Eat your vegetables"—your child will only resist.


     Shopping for kids school snacks can be difficult. Sending them only fruits and vegetables can be emotionally damaging. Send both fruit ,veg and junk. Just be careful what junk you are buying.

 Are you Buying your kids chips with MSG? Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a flavor enhancer commonly added to Chinese food, canned vegetables, soups and processed meats,veggie burgers, chips, canned soups &beans, bullion cubes, dried soup mixes, salad dressings & junk food .

 Possible Reactions to MSG:




♦️Facial pressure or tightness

♦️Numbness, tingling or burning in the face, neck and other areas

♦️Rapid, fluttering heartbeats (heart palpitations)

♦️Chest pain



Studies show MSG may cause: WEIGHT GAIN by damaging the appetite regulation center in the area of the brain causing leptin resistance.

BRAIN DAMAGE ( a child's brain is 4 times as sensitive as an adults) May promote liver inflammation 

⚠️⚠️⚠️The term MSG is seldom seen listed on a food label, but MSG is most likely contained in the food, in a disguised form. Here are some of its many disguises: ♦️hydrolyzed vegetable protein

♦️autolyzed vegetable protein

♦️textured vegetable protein

♦️hydrolyzed yeast extract

♦️autolyzed yeast extract

♦️plant protein extract

♦️sodium caseinate

♦️calcium caseinate

♦️yeast extract 

♦️textured whey protein

♦️textured soy protein. ⚠️⚠️⚠️

 Is a bag of BBQ potato chips worth the risk ???

Buy alternative chips without MSG. 


Get your kids involved.

Let them help cook meals and learn to read food labels. Teach them what’s too much sugar and what’s an appropriate amount of fat or sodium.  Food shouldn’t be a mystery. Let’s create a more educated generation when it comes to food


Include your kids while cooking

Kids are more likely to give a new food a try if they have had a hand in making it. Basic tasks like measuring ingredients, stirring a bowl or tossing a salad are all great starting points.

 Lead by example 

    If you’re giving your kids apples but you’re eating Snickers, it’s never going to work. Following a healthy plan needs to be part of the commitment of good parenting. ♦️Never use the “D” ["Diet"] word in front of children .When you do watch what you eat to strictly they assume that healthy food is something you’re forced to eat as a punishment. Lead by example. Everything in moderation .


 What are your kids drinking??

♦️You know that plants need water to grow . So do your kids. 

Teach your kids from young to love water . 

 Educate them on the sugar content of sodas, iced teas and sports drinks.


  • Are you or your kids Drinking soda??

When drinking one 20 oz. bottle of Coca- cola, you are consuming 65g of sugar

Cola has more sugar than a large Cinnabon

Is soda really worth it? 



♦️How Soft Drinks Effect Your Health

  • Dissolves Tooth Enamel:
  • Sugar and acid in soft drinks easily dissolve tooth enamel 
  • Heart Disease:

Sodas contain high fructose corn syrup, it has been associated with an increased risk of heart disease

1 in every 4 deaths were caused by heart disease 

What’s in Your Soda?


  • 9 teaspoons of sugar in every can which can lead to excessive weight gain
  • Phosphoric Acid and Caffeine

These two ingredients can lead to osteoporosis 

  • Coloring-The brown coloring contains 2 harmful products that have been linked to lung, liver, and thyroid cancer


A key ingredient in diet soda that has been found too increase hunger, so while you are drinking this calorie free drink, you may end up eating more

Pledge To Drink More Water or seltzer ! They may love Passion Iced Tea 

Drinking water is key to optimal health

Don't just live, live healthy!


Laura Shammah 


To set up a consult or for any questions you can reach out to Laura via email; Laurashammah@aol.com



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