Mom Hacks to healing a cold

With winter, comes a whole lot of runny noses.Having a really bad cold can leave you/your child completely "under the weather". Having a cold/dealing with a child with a cold is no fun at all. Here are a few tried and true mom home remedies to healing the ever so common cold:
  • Breathe in the steam. Go in the bathroom shut the door and let the shower run on really hot. The steam will help loosen the mucus instantly and you/your child will be breathing normally again! This is great for a cough too. (tried and true)
  • Keep yourself/your child hydrated. If your little one won't drink due to a sore throat- try giving him/her Pedialyte ices. It will soothe the throat and keep them hydrated.
  • For yourself- Drink hot lemon water with honey- this helps loosen congestion and keeps you hydrated.
  • Sleep with an extra pillow! Try to wedge a rolled towel or blanket under your child’s crib/mattress to raise the head of the mattress so it is facing upward. This will help drain the sinuses.
  • Use a cool mist humidifier close to your bed/your child's crib (be careful to clean the machine and change the water daily to avoid the growth of bacteria).
  • Definitely use “nose spray” saline. It really helps to clear congestion- in children and adults!
  • There is a”remedy” that gets passed around by moms helping moms during a long flu season. Cut an onion and leave it in you/your childs room. The claim is that it will help you get better by pulling the germs out of you. Onions absorb bacteria and that is why there is this idea that they can help heal you and prevent you from getting a cold and flu. For that reason- never eat an onion that was left cut open over night! This might sound strange but it is tried and true! You don’t lose by trying…

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