Let the Sun Shine In...Or maybe not


Everyone loves the sun. Sunny days make everything better- warming you from the outside –in. However, the Sun can be dangerous and can cause irreversible damage to your skin. Studies show that episodes of severe sunburns, usually before age 18, can raise the risk of developing melanoma- otherwise known as skin cancer.


With Spring just around the corner, it is important for you to educate yourself on how to protect your family from sun damage.There are a few basic facts about Sun protection that you may be unaware of.


Fact: When you or your child gets a sunburn the damage created is permanent. Each sun exposure becomes cumulative. Imagine after 30 years of sunny summers and vacations, the damage that has been done. Sun damage most often shows up later in life.


Fact: Cloudy days and winter sun still require sunscreen and protective clothing. Just because it’s cloudy, doesn’t mean you can’t experience sun damage. You can check the UV rays on your weather app daily. Many daily moisturizers come with sunscreen in them- so applying sunscreen does not have to be an additional step in your morning routine.


Remember: Sunscreens have chemicals in them. Your skin is the largest organ you have, therefore you need to make sure to keep it safe. On days when you or your children wear sunscreen, Be sure to wash it off completely when you bathe.


So enjoy your day in the sun, but be smart and protect yourself and your families!

By Sarah Cheney

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