Gifting Guide with Yael from Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon Layette is a boutique store in Cedarhurst, LI specializing in layette, toddler clothing, accessories and unique baby gifts from around the world. 

 Yael is continually on the quest to find the latest and greatest clothing and accessories to bring to her customers.

Goodnight Moon celebrated its 2 year anniversary this past November. Customers can shop in-store or via Instagram (they ship worldwide). 

Yael is a mother of three kids (one daughter 13, and two sons 8 and 4).


  • When did you first open your shoppe? And why did you do it?

 Yael: I opened Goodnight Moon in November of 2017. 

 Since I was a little girl, I’ve had a passion for styling – whether it was curating the clothing for a family photo shoot, offering advice on décor for event or helping a friend get ready for a night out. After I had my 3 children I channeled my passion into dressing them and realized how great my passion was for baby and children’s clothing. While I dabbled with idea of starting my own layette business or opening a store, I have a Master’s Degree in Special Education and was working in a school as well as for the DOE doing home visits. Styling my own and friend’s children was just a hobby until one night my husband and I were sitting at dinner and he asked me why I don’t just open up my own store. After many sleepless nights, lots of research, numerous meetings and several hypothetical brainstorm sessions, I decided to completely transform my career and pursue my lifetime passion with the opening Goodnight Moon. Two and a half years in, I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I made in my life. I look forward to the continued journey. 


  • Is there high demand on baby clothing and gear in your neighborhood?

 Yael: Yes! There are many young families and many have more than two kids so there is a big demand for children’s clothing and baby gifts.



  • What do people look for the most when they come into your shoppe?

 Yael: Gifts and layette (stretchies, baby basics, baby accessories)


A good portion of our customers  start off by looking for layette and/or baby clothing and then they continue to shop as their child grows. 


  • What is the most popular baby gift sent out? Do people send outfits mostly or accessories?

 Yael: Blankets, aterlier choux bedding and all stretchies are always go-to gifts. 


  • How much do people usually spend on a gift?

 Yael: Two most Popular price points  $40-$50 or $75-$100.

It obviously depends on who they are buying for, age of customer, etc…


  • When sending clothing as a gift – how can you help your customers decide on the perfect look, size, and fit for the baby the gift is for? 

 Yael: I pride myself on really getting to know my customers and their sizes (or that of their kids), styles, preferences, price ranges and needs. When someone is looking for a gift, if I do not know the recipient, I ask certain questions to help me determine what might best fit their needs. Some questions include: 

  • What price point
  • Boy or girl
  • Where do they live (this will help determine if I should suggest something that is geared toward warm or cold weather)
  • When was the baby born? 
  • Would you prefer clothing or a great unique item? 

 Based on some of these answers I am able to narrow down and curate some options that I think will be a good fit. 


  • How do you wrap/finish the gift?

 Yael: Every gift we send out comes in a Goodnight Moon box topped off with a bow and usually a paci or two ☺ 

We write personalized note cards based on what our clients want to communicate. 


  • How do you juggle it all as a mom?

Yael: I spend  the majority of my time at the store helping customers worldwide find the perfect gift and/or help them wardrobe their kids – from picking out layette, to dressing a 4 year old. When I am not helping customers or shipping out packages for customers in other parts of the country, I attend trade shows, visit brand showrooms and peruse Instagram to find amazing things that we can bring to our customers. 

Like any working mom knows, its not easy juggling it all – as a shop owner, my store is like my fourth child it needs constant attention– so its really a juggle to make sure that I give both the time they need. I split my weekends,  I am closed on Saturdays for the Jewish Sabbath and then open on Sundays – so Fridays from sundown until Sunday are dedicated solely to family time. Luckily I have a very supportive husband.  

Goodnight Moon Storefront Yael & her Family


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