How to get your baby to nap

      How to successfully get your baby to nap ( for his/her sake, and for yours)
    1. Set a consistent routine- experts agree that the key to successful napping is to be consistent. Your baby should nap the same time, in the same place, everyday.
    • One recommended routine is to set a nap schedule according to when the baby wakes up in the morning. Your baby is usually ready for a nap 2 hours after he/she wakes up in the AM.
    • Another recommended routine is to set a nap schedule “by the clock”. Have a specific time your baby goes in for a nap everyday regardless of when they wake.
    1. Regardless of how you set up your baby’s schedule-getting your baby into his/her crib before they reach exhaustion is key! If you wait too long to put them in, to see signs of tiredness like eye rubbing, or yawning, you may be at risk of missing the nap completely. Your baby would then end up cranky and overtired and extremely unpleasant.


    1. Location also plays a big role in the success of your baby’s nap. Your baby will nap best if you put him/her to sleep in the same place everyday and night. A dark room usually works best. When you travel or go on vacation your child will most likely have a harder time napping and sleeping since your baby is not familiar with the crib/room. Try to bring along his/her blanket or any gear your baby sleeps with


    1. Carnapping is extremely destructive. Do whatever you can to keep that kid awake in the car ESPECIALLY if you are on the way home to put him/her in for a nap. That 10 min car nap may very well destroy your child’s real nap- leaving him/her very irritable. I advise you to avoid car rides near naptime at all costs!


    1. No No-naps. If you're out and wont be home for naptime, make sure your baby naps wherever you are. If you skip that nap- you will pay the price!

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